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Terms of Use

Just a little info about useage of my freeware and linkware. Please read carefully to avoid any confusion or trouble.
Thank you!

  All content on this website was created by me, unless otherwise stated. Proper credit is given whenever possible.
  If you see anything on here that uses a resource created by you and there is no credit, please let me know so I may rectify or remove said content (if that is what you wish).

  My content may be used as decoration for you website, in e-mails*, forums or groups, as long as you place a link back to SbS (in a Credits page) and/or supply a textual credit* back to me.

  Please save the snaggables to your own computer. Do NOT direct link to any of the graphics.
  At any given time, I may remove or change my files.

  Nothing on this website is allowed to be redistributed, placed in a collection for public use or altered (unless otherwise stated).
  This means NO sending in e-mail groups (individually or zipped), used as content for your own website/blog, uploading to websites like Glitter-Graphics that allow public useage and viewing of content or places like Tumblr which allow "reblogging" etc.

  You may NOT use anything from this website for monetary gain. Commercial use is NOT okay!

  Please do NOT steal or "borrow" any of my layout elements, link banners, etc.

  I have the right to change my terms at anytime without previous notice. If you have any doubts or questions, you may e-mail me at: silenteyez AT hellokitty DOT com.

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All content on this website may not be used without proper credit and should not be redistributed. View TOU.
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